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A healthier and more efficient building system for today and all your tomorrows


Our system combines raised flooring and underfloor air distribution to create a healthier environment through better indoor air quality.

Fresh and purified air is constantly introduced from the floor level and is returned at the ceiling level – preventing fresh air from mixing with stale air.

Our modular floor diffusers provide individual zone control, resulting in more comfortable occupants.


With over 30 years of experience, see what sets us apart!

full building solution

We provide a fully stacked, versatile system to suit every environment. Incorporate air distribution, mechanical systems, and wiring services all within our raised access flooring.

canadian made

You can rest easy knowing our products are made close to home, lowering shipment time and supporting local businesses. Our experienced local team helps you design and install our building solutions.


Our raised access flooring system is developed for longevity. Not only are our products made to last, the system is fully modular and components can be easily modified as needed.

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our applications

Meeting Room Chairs on Hardwood Floor


With the benefits of increased floor space and ceiling height, faster construction times, and energy efficiency, raised access flooring has become a commercial standard.  

High-Rise Construction Scaffolding & Building


Maintain your building’s original beauty and integrity with underfloor systems that protect existing structure.

Modern, Trendy Kitchen Space


Take advantage of our modular building systems to create a space built just for residents.

why stratus?

The environment you live and work in should be open, easy to configure, and comfortable. Most importantly, it should be healthy. We build our raised floor systems so you can enjoy the ultimate freedom and comfort in a healthier space.

We provide an innovative complete solution for advanced building construction to allow for the greatest flexibility, now and forever.

You have no responsibility to live up to what other people think you ought to accomplish. I have no responsibility to be like they expect me to be.

comfortable. Strong. flexible. efficient.