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Sketch of Stratus Cloud Layer

what is stratus metro Building systems?


From Strato (meaning layer) – a cloud layer.

The layer you live and work in should be open, easy to configure, and comfortable.  

Our floors are built with concrete and steel to provide a solid surface for your work/play stratus. Flooring is custom manufactured for your space to minimize obstructions and maximize useable floor space.  

Above the floor, the space can be configured and reconfigured easily. You can enjoy a clean slate to create a space that meets your needs now and in the future.


An underground subway, like in Toronto, is also called the metro.  We believe that like the metro, all the systems that make your space productive and comfortable should be installed below your work/live space. Our floor systems allow for all building systems to be installed out of sight, below your stratus.

Sketch of a Metro/Subway - An underground Train at a Platform
Sketch of Raised Access Flooring on Multiple Storeys

Building Systems

With our modular flooring, all components and services remain easily accessible. Electrical and communication connections, as well as HVAC outlets, may be moved easily to fit the ever-changing occupant needs. Our systems are customized to accommodate individual requirements leading to a healthier, more user-friendly environment.

Our Values


Our raised floors feel like you’re walking on a cloud, and our out of sight systems can’t be beat. 


Only the best materials and practices are put into place to ensure your products are made to last. 


With customizable systems, our products are designed to meet one-of-a-kind needs, and the ones that follow.


Made right in your back yard, our Canadian-made products are ready fast and optimize your space.

Stratus MBS is a proud member of Unilux HVAC Industries inc.

Stratus MBS is one of our leading building systems brands – others include Unilux VFC and Unilux VHP

Visit here to learn more.

Someday, everything will be built like stratus.