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underfloor air distribution

Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) systems create a healthier environment that also save space, cut construction time, and work more efficiently than standard HVAC systems. Our full system solution results in simpler coordination, savings in operating costs, and provides occupant comfort more effectively than conventional HVAC systems. This results in occupants enjoying 100% of the clean air.

Sketch of Raised Access Floor, Air Tower and Underfloor Air Distribution to Show Air Flow

air columns

Our air columns are the starting point for our UFAD system as they condition and distribute fresh and filtered air beneath our raised floor system. The result is a healthier environment that maximizes occupant comfort while achieving energy and operational efficiencies. 

Not only do they provide superior indoor environmental air quality, but they can reduce the size of mechanical rooms by up to 80% leaving more useable space for you to enjoy. Our proven air column designs also allow you to remove traditional ductwork for further design benefits such as taller floor to ceilings heights, additional floors on taller structures, and curtain wall savings.

Unilux Air Tower_smaller sz


Stratus MBS floor diffusers are designed for raised access floor applications and provide superior air quality with underfloor air distribution systems. Our patented design allows the same diffuser to be configured for either swirl, displacement, or directional airflow. Diffusers are designed to compliment any interior setting and enhance user comfort through individual system control. For even more user convenience, upgrade your air diffuser with automated control. Our automated diffusers work with Belimo actuators to ensure low power consumption and reliable operability.

The Stratus MBS floor diffuser fits into the same raised access floor panel cut-out as the Stratus low profile electrical box to ensure easy user modifications. 


The Stratus Perimeter Heat/Cool system (SPHC) is a factory-assembled modular unit designed to provide the most efficient heating and cooling capabilities to a facility’s perimeter zone. Our proprietary design is factory assembled in modules to match curtain wall mullions which significantly reduces site labor, decreases construction schedule and simplifies project coordination. The Stratus perimeter solution uses natural air convection principles resulting in exceptional energy savings and requires no maintenance.

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